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Post  Admin on Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:10 pm

From the sideways PDF sent on the listserve:

Risk Analysis Event (RAE): An event that involves a loss of separation where less than 66% of required sparation was maintained, and verified by recorded radar data.
What you can expect as a controller or Facrep involved in an RAE:

If the Agency determines that a review is warranted through the Risk Analysis process (RAP) the following apply:
*Employee shall be notified as soon as possible- this notification shall not occur while the employee is on position.
*Employee shall be offered and afforded suffiecient duty time to file an ATSAP report. Timelines will be based on the actual allocation of duty time.
*Employee shall be permitted to review performance and recorded data concerning the occurence prior to submitting an ATSAP report.

Employee may be asked to participate in an RAE interview conducted by ATO-Safety personnel.

Interviews of Bargaining Unit Employees are voluntary.

Employee may request Union representation.


When the Agency becomes aware of an RAE, the Principal Facility Representative or his/her designee shall be notified.

Management must notify the Facrep of all the BUEs to be interviewed within one administrative day.

ATO Safety will collaborate with the Facrep and the local facility management with at least three administrative days notice of the interview schedule.

Changes to the employee's schedule must be coordinated with the Facrep.

During the RAE interview, a Union representative or his/her designee may be present if the employee so requests.

NO written statement is required. Signed employee statements shall only be required in the event of an aircraft accident or pilot deviation.

The Western Service Area's NATCA Safety rep is Isabel Cole atcsim@earthlink.net

[I hope there will be briefing on this-admin]


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